ALWAYS SAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR FILES BEFORE YOU EDIT THEM! It will save you a lot of headache later ♥
In func.php under the function show_cards section find:

replace with:

($category=='YOURCATHERE') can be changed dependnig on what you want to use the code for. If you only want it to show up for cards under your trading section, change 'YOURCATHERE' to 'trading' (or whatever you have your category named). If you want it to show up for more than one section, add AND and repeat. (example: ($category=='trading' AND $category=='membercards')). If you want the names to show up for everything but one singular category, replace the == with !=.

Add to your css:

width can be changed to make the area larger or smaller depending on the maximum width of the cards.

On the page that displays your cards, replace your show_cards with the following, changing 'TCG Name' and 'category' to whatever the TCG/category is: