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Card Count: 1177
Next Level Up: 1000 count
Last Updated: March 10, 2021

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Trades: 20/25

Game Log


Games (Higher or Lower)redfoxes09, grasses14, +1 golds
Gift (Consolation - Spring)rosequartz15, koi09, saturn15, +5 golds
Rewards (Daily Login)croatia19, +1 golds
Gift (Consolation - Spring)lakes17, bismuth10, winter15, +5 golds
Rewards (Holiday Bonus)saturn05, orchidmantis13, tuftedtitmice18, croatia20, rubybonnets20, forests06, peacockspiders20, peacockspiders18, ducks18, fairywrens09, rain02, pumpkins08, nebelungcats16, redpandas14, snow09, snowflakes18, redfoxes13, lavender15, earth18, northernlights14, +20 golds, +10 vials
Event achievementsec-halloween2020, ec-january2021, ec-newyear2021


Doubles Exchangecrestedgeckos03, crestedgeckos11, crestedgeckos18 (-clouds16, gold07, pumpkins20)
Deck Mastery (crestedgeckos)deserts13, deserts20, whitejapaneseraccoondogs19, summer18, lapislazuli06, +5 golds
Deck Mastery (deserts)mainecoons10, mainecoons11, alpacas10, philippines05, figs09, +5 golds


Tree Plantingbutterflies17, autumn14, wasps08, lavender09
Harvesting 2 Ripebamboo11, succulents15, nebulae18, +2 gold(s)
Freebiessnowflakes14, rubybonnets08, edelweiss02, amethyst01, norwegianforestcats14, +5 gold(s)
Memorynebulae03, cherryblossoms03, wasps09, snowflakes10, +2 gold(s)
Tic Tac Toe (Won)orchidmantis11, grandopening10, ragdolls19, rainbow05, +2 gold(s)
Slotsvenus15, prejoin01, bettafish02, +1 gold(s)
Liffy\'s Vacationgrandopening04, venusflytraps16
Black Jackrainbow01, amethyst04, bamboo11, rosymaplemoths01, +2 gold(s)
Games (Higher or Lower)giraffes17, philippines19, +1 golds
Chance Pack (x1)nicobarpigeons06, brownbears02, crestedgeckos04
Level Up (4)crestedgeckos17, crestedgeckos19, crestedgeckos20, brownbears10, summer02, butterflies01, marguerites13, +10 golds, +1 vials
Deck Mastery (blackcats)crestedgeckos15, crestedgeckos16, rubies07, harvestmice11, venusflytraps01, +5 golds
Deck Mastery (lightning)crestedgeckos10, crestedgeckos12, giantpandas04, riversoca06, butterflies15, +5 golds
Deck Mastery (peonies)crestedgeckos08, crestedgeckos09, croatia20, dunes05, lavender06, +5 golds
Deck Mastery (seaturtles)crestedgeckos06, crestedgeckos07, marguerites11, ragdolls10, orchidmantis15, +5 golds
Deck Release (2020-11-07)crestedgeckos01, crestedgeckos02, brownbears01, ferrets01
Donator Pull (2020-11-07)crestedgeckos05
Wishes #32 (2020-11-07)deserts03, mainecoons02, goldfish04, stars09, goldfish05, deserts08, mainecoons03, venusflytraps06, venusflytraps08, stars11
Wishes #33 (2020-11-07)deserts11, mainecoons04, deserts12, mainecoons07, orchidmantis06, orchidmantis07, lapislazuli09, grandopening05, grandopening06, venusflytraps20
Event achievementsec-november2020, ec-100decks


Event (Halloween 2020)axolotls15, rubies11, whalesharks09, redfoxes01, clovers03, strawberries01, clouds10, northernlights17, koi07, bamboo19, begonias09, peacockspiders04, olms11, lava12, silver07, bettafish06, silver14, deadsea10, +55 golds, +10 vials
Chance Pack (x2)brownbears07, crestedgeckos14, nicobarpigeons15, crestedgeckos13, brownbears14, nicobarpigeons12


Gift (Consolation - Autumn)oleanders18, hermitcrabs12, mountains08, +5 golds
Tree Plantingwinter07, sphynxcats07, autumn13, geysers01, pumpkins12, lava08, hermitcrabs16, plankton02
Harvesting 2 Ripefossils11, rain16, gold07, giraffes19, olms04, saturn08, +4 gold(s)
Freebieslightning15, venusflytraps04, amethyst01, emeralds09, deserts04, peonies18, mainecoons06, tigers01, amethyst03, lavender14, +10 gold(s)
Hangmangiantpandas03, leafcutterbees08, glaciers08, virginiatigermoths02, +1 gold(s)
Jigsawgrasses06, philippines03, +2 gold(s)
Wheels (Love Blossom)ragdolls09, arcticfoxes18, ragdolls17, northernlights19, +3 gold(s)
Seed Packetshorses16, emeralds15, +3 gold(s)
Treasure Huntvenusflytraps07, fossils17
Zoologyrosymaplemoths16, goldfish09, +1 gold(s)
Botanymainecoons19, pumpkins04, +2 gold(s)
Petrologykoi14, edelweiss07, whitejapaneseraccoondogs04, +2 gold(s)
Card ClaimClaimed lunamoths19 and venusflytraps02
Melting PotTraded arcticfoxes02 for deserts18
Wishes #29 (2020-10-31)seaturtles14, orchidmantis03, orchidmantis04, redpandas01, redpandas02, peonies16, lightning09, lightning10
Deck Release (2020-10-31)summer01, summer02, sunsets01, sunsets02, whitejapaneseraccoondogs01, whitejapaneseraccoondogs02, alpacas05, pears18
Pumpkin Basket (x1)-5 candies for lightning16
Pumpkin Basket (x4)-20 candies for seaturtles15, seaturtles17, seaturtles18, seaturtles20
Leftover Candy (x1)-2 candies for 1 gold

October 26, 2020

Games (Higher or Lower)rainbow13, horses09, +1 golds
Freebiesvenusflytraps17, figs16, harvestmice08, waterfalls20, rubies16, +5 gold(s)
Harvesting 1 Ripebismuth15, lavender13
Tree Plantingsilver19, wasps12, prejoin09, lapislazuli07
Memoryorchidmantis17, gardenias19, plankton07, winter12, +2 gold(s)
Tic Tac Toe (Won)venus19, sphynxcats06, arcticfoxes15, winter14, +2 gold(s)
Slotsleafcutterbees05, stars15, sphynxcats07, +1 gold(s)
Black Jackvenus07, strawberries09, earth05, snowflakes20, +2 gold(s)
Liffy's Vacationfossils13, cherryblossoms06
Wishes #26 (2020-10-24)spring18, silver05, giraffes17, moon14, cherryblossoms18, riversoca14, dandelions02, edelweiss19
Card ClaimClaimed deserts10 and redpandas11
Melting PotTraded goldfish02 for venusflytraps10
Wishes #27 (2020-10-24)peonies06, succulents03, seaturtles11, peonies09, blackcats19, seaturtles12, stars03, stars12, succulents05, lightning04, lightning13
Wishes #28 (2020-10-24)stars07, stars08, lapislazuli02
Deck Release (2020-10-24)hummingbirds01, peacockspiders01, strawberries01, winter01

October 17, 2020

Freebies #4 (2020-10-17)fennecfoxes06, fennecfoxes09, arcticfoxes19, arcticfoxes20, blackcats05, redfoxes07, redfoxes10, peonies15, blackcats08
Wishes #23 (2020-10-17)redfoxes13, redfoxes14, koi05
Wishes #24 (2020-10-17)arcticfoxes12, arcticfoxes15, redfoxes11, redfoxes15, fennecfoxes12, fennecfoxes13, blackcats09, blackcats10, koi08, koi10
Deck Release (2020-10-17)giantpandas01, giantpandas02, mantis01, mantis02
Deck Mastery (arcticfoxes)fennecfoxes16, fennecfoxes20, corals18, venusflytraps05, redfoxes02, +5 golds
Deck Mastery (bettafish)redfoxes17, koi11, horses17, snowflakes07, marguerites16, +5 golds
Deck Mastery (bismuth)koi12, koi15, lapislazuli05, ragdolls16, koi01, +5 golds
Deck Mastery (fennecfoxes)koi18, blackcats06, koi18, leafcutterbees11, koi19, +5 golds
Deck Mastery (koi)blackcats11, blackcats14, gold07, whalesharks16, pumpkins17, +5 golds
Deck Mastery (redfoxes)blackcats17, blackcats18, snowflakes07, ragdolls10, deadsea16, +5 golds
Hangmanrain13, cherryblossoms10, sky18, riversoca14, +1 gold(s)
Jigsawbismuth07, peonies17, +2 gold(s)
Wheels (Love Blossom)grandopening09, nebulae12, pumpkins19, butterflies06, +3 gold(s)
Seed Packetsfossils17, koalas14, +3 gold(s)
Treasure Huntprejoin15, grandopening14
Graveyard Shift (Zombie)+5 candies
Apocalypse+4 candies
Harvesting 2 Ripeseaturtles13, autumn10, wasps10, +2 gold(s)
Freebiessky15, orchidmantis09, horses12, marguerites07, ragdolls09, +5 gold(s)
Tree Plantingbismuth07, deadsea20, virginiatigermoths11, ragdolls02
Card ClaimClaimed nebulae18 and stars18

October 16, 2020

Wishes #25 (2020-10-17)hermitcrabs14, hermitcrabs18, blackcats03, blackcats04, arcticfoxes09, waterfalls01, bettafish15, bettafish17, fennecfoxes05, arcticfoxes02, bismuth20, fennecfoxes02, redfoxes20
Deck Mastery (hermitcrabs)bismuth08, bismuth18, butterflies11, snow16, horses16, +5 golds

October 15, 2020

Themed Deck (halloween2020)clovers11, +1 golds
Halloween 2020 (Visited Drew)venus13
Halloween 2020 (Visited Hotaru)redpandas12
Halloween 2020 (Visited Kayori)goldfish12
Halloween 2020 (Visited Kupo)rain18
Halloween 2020 (Visited Lex)redpandas18

October 13, 2020

Halloween 2020 (Visited Aki)wasps18, lavender01
Halloween 2020 (Visited april)sky03
Halloween 2020 (Visited Asche)gardenias09
Halloween 2020 (Visited Ashley)silver08
Trade Points (x1)peonies11, moon03, nebulae15, goldfish18, +5 golds

October 12, 2020

Halloween 2020 (Visited Ramona)gold07
Halloween 2020 (Visited saya)koi20, figs11
Halloween 2020 (Visited Suza)rosymaplemoths06, blackcats12
Halloween 2020 (Visited Zenit)forests08

October 11, 2020

Games (Higher or Lower)rainbow13, lilyofthevalley01, +1 golds
Games (Higher or Lower)spring14, dandelions05, +1 golds
Graveyard Shift (Jack-o-Lantern)+4 candies
Cauldrons+2 candies
Scavenger Hunt+4 candies
Jack-o-Lantern (Won)+3 candies
Live or Die+5 candies
Memorywaterfalls10, northernlights13, jellyfish09, emeralds20, +2 gold(s)
Tic Tac Toe (Won)whalesharks10, clouds05, ragdolls10, whalesharks17, +2 gold(s)
Slotsnorthernlights12, oleanders08, spring12, +1 gold(s)
Black Jackrain14, barnowls12, gardenias01, axolotls18, +2 gold(s)
Liffy's Vacationnebulae13, lapislazuli08
Harvesting 2 Ripeclouds02, fog19, bismuth12, +2 gold(s)
Freebiesbegonias16, autumn15, venus08, begonias18, lava12, +5 gold(s)
Petrologygeysers05, oceans05, deserts09, +2 gold(s)
Botanyhorses08, waterfalls05, +2 gold(s)
Zoologymoon05, plankton03, +1 gold(s)
Old Oakclouds07, fennecfoxes08, +2 gold(s)
Leaf Fairysnow08, oceans12, ragdolls14, lightning07, +2 gold(s)
Card ClaimClaimed hermitcrabs09 and peonies08
Melting PotTraded autumn15 for cherryblossoms16
Event achievementec-october2020, ec-autumn2020, ec-layout06
Wishes #19 (2020-10-03)bismuth01, bismuth05, lightning02
Wishes #17 (2020-10-03)bettafish05, bismuth02, bettafish09, bismuth06, cherryblossoms13, prejoin15
Deck Release (2020-10-03)rain01, rain02, corals01, corals02, orangeclownfish01, orangeclownfish02, gardenias07, gardenias13
Wishes #22 (2020-10-10)lightning17, forests03, fog02, venusflytraps05, horses19, marguerites14, gold19
Wishes #21 (2020-10-10)prejoin18, prejoin19, fennecfoxes01
Wishes #20 (2020-10-10)hermitcrabs01, hermitcrabs02, bismuth07, cherryblossoms15, bettafish13, bettafish14, redfoxes05, redfoxes06
Event achievementec-firstfungi
Halloween 2020 (Visited Aki)grasses09
Halloween 2020 (Visited Megan)leafcutterbees16
Halloween 2020 (Visited Mio)succulents06
Halloween 2020 (Visited Mysti)fossils15
Halloween 2020 (Visited Nicolie)cinnabarmoths13
Deck Release (2020-10-10)hermitcrabs03, hermitcrabs04, virginiatigermoths19, virginiatigermoths20
Donator Pull (2020-10-10)hermitcrabs05
Deck Mastery (prejoin)hermitcrabs06, hermitcrabs07, horses18, clovers08, snow15, +5 golds
Deck Mastery (cherryblossoms)hermitcrabs08, hermitcrabs11, lunamoths08, deadsea11, silver10, +5 golds

October 03, 2020

Wargoldfish03, koalas13, +1 gold(s)
Hangmanautumn05, redspiderlilies14, rainbow05, milkyway19, +1 gold(s)
Jigsawdunes04, koi01, +2 gold(s)

October 02, 2020

Halloween 2020 (Visited andrea)emeralds06, lightning20
Halloween 2020 (Visited april)axolotls09, waterfalls02
Halloween 2020 (Visited Asche)blackcats16, riversoca17
Halloween 2020 (Visited Drew)seaturtles06, fennecfoxes03

October 1, 2020

Gift (Consolation - Spring)lunamoths09, cherryblossoms20, rosymaplemoths03, +5 golds
Halloween 2020 (Visited Aki)jellyfish18
Halloween 2020 (Visited Mio)moon05, nebulae05
Halloween 2020 (Visited Kupo)begonias11, cherryblossoms05
Halloween 2020 (Visited Lex)redspiderlilies13, cherryblossoms09

September 26, 2020

Tree Plantingdandelions06, mainecoons14, glaciers01, peonies14
Freebiesdandelions07, lightning05, begonias01, dandelions15, barnowls18, +5 gold(s)
Harvesting 1 Ripelavender03, spring15
Memorysucculents07, cherryblossoms01, redspiderlilies06, bettafish01, +2 gold(s)
Tic Tac Toe (Won)snowflakes20, leafcutterbees08, deadsea14, tigers18, +2 gold(s)
Slotsgold13, moon13, dunes03, +1 gold(s)
Black Jackclovers10, oleanders02, snow04, fog13, +2 gold(s)
Liffy's Vacationstars20, redspiderlilies07
Melting PotTraded edelweiss06 for bettafish03
Melting PotTraded cherryblossoms01 for prejoin16
Card ClaimClaimed whalesharks04 and lapislazuli04
Wishes #15 (2020-09-26)cherryblossoms09, seaturtles08, seaturtles10, arcticfoxes03, whalesharks03, glaciers18, arcticfoxes04, glaciers19, cherryblossoms10
Wishes #16 (2020-09-26)succulents01, succulents02, venusflytraps01
Wishes #17 (2020-09-26)glaciers20, whalesharks05, prejoin09, arcticfoxes06, whalesharks06, mainecoons01, cherryblossoms11, prejoin11, cherryblossoms12
Deck Release (2020-09-26)whalesharks07, whalesharks08, lunamoths01, lunamoths02
Deck Mastery (barnowls)whalesharks09, whalesharks10, bismuth01, tigers09, autumn15, +5 golds
Deck Mastery (glaciers)whalesharks11, whalesharks12, redpandas09, bismuth10, lilyofthevalley06, +5 golds
Trade Points (x1)redfoxes12, croatia09, northernlights16, lava08, +5 golds
Trade Points (x1)ragdolls10, forests13, grandopening15, whalesharks13, +5 golds
Chance Pack (x1)whalesharks16, wasps10, sky02, sky19, wasps05, wasps08
Random Pack (x2)marguerites14, whalesharks04, venusflytraps12, bamboo02, plankton11, tigers15, lapislazuli04, jellyfish11, venus04, lilyofthevalley13
Level Up (3)whalesharks18, whalesharks19, whalesharks20, tigers07, autumn03, forests14, seaturtles08, +10 golds, +1 vials
Vial Exchange (x2)-4 vials for whalesharks14, whalesharks15
Deck Mastery (whalesharks)prejoin13, prejoin14, rosymaplemoths19, nebulae01, croatia01, +5 golds

September 24, 2020

Melting PotTraded silver05 for arcticfoxes17
Games (Higher or Lower)stars05, gold20, +1 golds
Hangmankoi16, saturn19, silver17, horses01, +1 gold(s)
Jigsawrosymaplemoths17, peonies07, +2 gold(s)
Wheels (Love Blossom)grandopening07, grandopening02, prejoin20, amethyst05, +3 gold(s)
Seed Packetsredspiderlilies15, butterflies09, +3 gold(s)
Treasure Huntblackcats01, dandelions18
Tree Plantinglava15, gold05, deserts16, bamboo02, spring04, venus19, succulents15, marguerites11
Freebieslava01, mainecoons20, mainecoons09, jellyfish11, venusflytraps16, grandopening03, pumpkins16, pumpkins15, begonias16, arcticfoxes10, +10 gold(s)
Card ClaimClaimed seaturtles07 and bettafish01
Event achievementec-75decks
Deck Release (2020-09-19)norwegianforestcats01, norwegianforestcats02, saturn13, saturn08
Wishes #13 (2020-09-19)barnowls14, cherryblossoms19, glaciers16, lapislazuli01, glaciers17, prejoin08

September 16, 2020

Games (Higher or Lower)oceans03, spring13, +1 golds
Memorydeadsea12, spring09, prejoin10, cherryblossoms17, +2 gold(s)
Tic Tac Toe (Won)venusflytraps07, forests13, pumpkins20, goldfish12, +2 gold(s)
Slotsgoldfish01, lava13, amethyst04, +1 gold(s)
Black Jackredfoxes19, axolotls08, dunes17, begonias20, +2 gold(s)
Liffy's Vacationtigers10, bismuth01
Tree Plantingforests18, goldfish02, seaturtles09, edelweiss01
Harvesting 2 Ripegeysers13, snowflakes13, bismuth14, +2 gold(s)
Freebiesforests04, snowflakes17, snowflakes17, autumn08, lightning11, +5 gold(s)
Melting PotTraded autumn04 for barnowls12
Lucky Match (Two)leafcutterbees16, snowflakes12, bismuth11, +4 gold(s)
Card ClaimClaimed bettafish11 and bismuth09
Wishes #11 (2020-09-12)barnowls08, barnowls10, glaciers13, glaciers14, prejoin06
Wishes #12 (2020-09-12)barnowls06, barnowls07, glaciers11, koi04, seaturtles06, prejoin04, glaciers12, cherryblossoms07, cherryblossoms08, prejoin05, peonies04, seaturtles07
Event achievementec-firstspace, ec-firstmicro, ec-layout05
Deck Release (2020-09-12)leafcutterbees01, lilyofthevalley01, ragdolls01, snow01

September 05, 2020

Deck Mastery (dunes)barnowls17, barnowls18, butterflies01, gold06, mainecoons05, +5 golds

September 04, 2020

Forecasttigers12, clouds08, +1 golds
Hangmangeysers07, dunes07, lightning01, lavender05, +1 gold(s)
Jigsawmountains16, horses10, +2 gold(s)
Wheels (Angelic Fruit)deserts17, rosymaplemoths19, dunes16, croatia01, redspiderlilies09, +4 gold(s)
Seed Packetspeonies13, succulents12, +3 gold(s)
Treasure Huntrainbow14, clovers08
Tree Plantingtigers10, clovers07, rosymaplemoths02, croatia09
Harvesting 3 Ripestars10, amethyst20, axolotls05, silver17, +2 gold(s)
Freebiesforests01, rosymaplemoths16, gold05, autumn11, bismuth03, +5 gold(s)
Card ClaimClaimed peonies20 and seaturtles19
Wishes #9 (2020-09-05)arcticfoxes01, arcticfoxes02, whitetigers01
Wishes #10 (2020-09-05)dunes15, dunes19, redfoxes04
Deck Release (2020-09-05)grandopening01, grandopening02, deserts01, deserts02

September 01, 2020

Gift (Consolation - Summer)axolotls15, rosymaplemoths06, forests10, +5 golds
Donations (rustyspottedcats)redpandas06, prejoin12, dunes18, +1 golds
Donations (cherryshrimp)redfoxes16, geysers15, tigers15, +1 golds
Donations (crestedgeckos)autumn08, silver14, venus07, +1 golds
Donations (hermitcrabs)mountains16, rubybonnets20, barnowls11, +1 golds
Donations (leopardgeckos)dandelions07, seaturtles03, whitetigers10, +1 golds
Zoologybegonias14, axolotls19, +1 gold(s)
Botanyspring13, orchidmantis05, +2 gold(s)
Petrologyhorses18, fog19, venus20, +2 gold(s)
Old Oakorchidmantis08, mainecoons12, +2 gold(s)
Deck Mastery (axolotls)redspiderlilies09, redspiderlilies11, rosymaplemoths01, arcticfoxes14, lava02, +5 golds
Freebies #2 (2020-09-01)glaciers06, cherryblossoms05, barnowls03, dunes08, redspiderlilies13, prejoin02, prejoin03, cherryblossoms06, dunes10, redspiderlilies15, barnowls05, glaciers07
Event achievementec-september2020
Level Up (2)redspiderlilies16, redspiderlilies17, redspiderlilies20, giraffes11, pumpkins20, emeralds04, moon01, +10 golds, +1 vials
Deck Mastery (redspiderlilies)dunes11, dunes12, autumn04, horses19, redpandas07, +5 golds
Leaf Fairyemeralds16, lava03, redfoxes03, fossils01, +2 gold(s)

August 29, 2020

Freebiespumpkins20, blackcats02, venusflytraps11, edelweiss07, redpandas18, +5 gold(s)
Tic Tac Toe (Won)bettafish19, cherryblossoms04, edelweiss14, bismuth17, redspiderlilies18, stars06, fog13, bismuth17, +4 gold(s)
Slotsriversoca16, edelweiss06, begonias07, autumn02, oceans09, autumn07, +2 gold(s)
Black Jackkoi06, emeralds09, orchidmantis12, clouds18, koi02, snowflakes07, fennecfoxes08, redfoxes02, +4 gold(s)
Liffy's Vacationpeonies12, prejoin17, fennecfoxes17, dunes18
Harvesting 1 Ripefog15, clouds09
Forecastclouds05, giraffes15, +1 golds
Card ClaimClaimed redspiderlilies14 and dunes20
Melting PotTraded edelweiss14 for cherryblossoms20
Wishes #8 (2020-08-29)axolotls16, dunes03, glaciers03, dunes04, redspiderlilies08, axolotls17
Deck Release (2020-08-29)rosymaplemoths01, rosymaplemoths02, prejoin01, goldfish01

August 21, 2020

Forecastvenusflytraps05, peonies10, +1 golds
Tree Plantingpeonies01, riversoca06, redspiderlilies10, dunes06
Hangmannebulae13, croatia19, lightning15, lava02, +1 gold(s)
Jigsawredpandas07, lava15, +2 gold(s)
Wheels (Tree of Knowledge)axolotls20, arcticfoxes13, orchidmantis12, koi17, redspiderlilies19, stars01, +5 gold(s), +1 vial(s)
Seed Packetskoi19, riversoca13, +3 gold(s)
Treasure Huntmainecoons13, venus17
Freebiesfennecfoxes15, bismuth19, redfoxes01, bettafish02, riversoca09, +5 gold(s)
Melting PotTraded northernlights02 for glaciers05
Card ClaimClaimed koi09 and waterfalls20
Wishes #5 (2020-08-22)axolotls13, axolotls15, cherryblossoms03
Wishes #6 (2020-08-22)mainecoons16, lapislazuli06, glaciers05, seaturtles05, redpandas06, barnowls09, peonies11, whitetigers02, clovers07, rubies16
Deck Release (2020-08-22)orchidmantis01, orchidmantis02, peonies02, peonies03
Event achievementsec-firstmastery, ec-firstanimalia, ec-firstearth, ec-firstgemsminerals, ec-firstplantae, ec-firstskyweather

August 15, 2020

Wishes #3 (2020-08-15)axolotls03, seaturtles03, glaciers02, seaturtles04, axolotls04, northernlights10, northernlights09, northernlights13, northernlights15
Wishes #4 (2020-08-15)northernlights08, axolotls05, axolotls06, seaturtles04, northernlights17, redspiderlilies05
Deck Mastery (northernlights)axolotls07, axolotls09, dunes05, northernlights02, bismuth15, +5 golds
Deck Release (2020-08-15)koi02, koi03, tigers01, tigers02
Event achievementsec-layout01, ec-layout02, ec-layout03, ec-layout04

August 14, 2020

Gameslava09, barnowls04, +1 golds
Melting PotTraded pumpkins17 for northernlights07
Tree Plantingbismuth04, blackcats20, lightning05, dunes09
Card ClaimClaimed axolotls11 and redfoxes15
Warkoi01, horses02, +1 gold(s)
Hangmanvenus07, fennecfoxes10, venusflytraps14, stars16, +1 gold(s)
Jigsawpumpkins15, spring10, +2 gold(s)
Wheels (Tree of Knowledge)begonias20, dandelions20, bettafish04, redpandas17, autumn04, bettafish06, +5 gold(s), +1 vial(s)
Seed Packetsblackcats01, cherryblossoms14, +3 gold(s)
Treasure Huntamethyst09, arcticfoxes16
Freebiesarcticfoxes11, whitetigers17, stars04, pumpkins07, seaturtles05, +5 gold(s)

August 10, 2020

Event achievementsec-10members, ec-20members
Gamesdeadsea06, barnowls13, redpandas13, edelweiss14, edelweiss19, mainecoons15, waterfalls08, dandelions17, clovers10, glaciers09, lavender04, +6 golds

August 07, 2020

Donationsemeralds15, rubybonnets20, venus08, venus09, +4 golds
Wishes #1 (2020-08-08)seaturtles16, rubies15, venus08, redfoxes19, lava06, barnowls15
Memoryforests16, stars02, lava19, whitetigers15, +2 gold(s)
Tic Tac Toe ((Won))succulents08, bismuth14, mountains16, lightning12, +2 gold(s)
Slotsfog12, lapislazuli15, glaciers01, +1 gold(s)
Black Jackoceans20, rubybonnets05, fennecfoxes14, lavender09, +2 gold(s)
Liffy's Vacationnebulae06, dunes14
Freebiesfennecfoxes19, giraffes08, barnowls20, lapislazuli03, pumpkins06, +5 gold(s)
Card ClaimClaimed redspiderlilies07 and blackcats13
Harvesting (1 Ripe)pumpkins17, mountains11
Deck Release (2020-08-08)barnowls01, barnowls02, seaturtles01, seaturtles02,

August 06, 2020

Giftmc-Joey, redfoxes16, dandelions15, whitetigers08, begonias04, rubies16, +10 golds

August 04, 2020

Starter Packaxolotls14, axolotls08, axolotls10, dandelions04, succulents19, waterfalls15, redpandas18, geysers15, dunes01, mainecoons13
Tree Plantingemeralds06, edelweiss10, emeralds12, northernlights20
Freebiesblackcats15, lava18, venus01, northernlights12, rainbow14, +5 gold(s)
Warstars02, autumn15, +1 gold(s)
Hangmanlavender07, nebulae09, mountains11, northernlights04, +1 gold(s)
Jigsawwhitetigers08, cherryblossoms18, +2 gold(s)
Wheels ((Angelic Fruit))edelweiss18, redfoxes18, emeralds14, fossils02, clouds16, +4 gold(s)
Seed Packetsredfoxes08, northernlights06, +3 gold(s)
Treasure Huntmilkyway18, edelweiss13
Leaf Fairyfog05, redspiderlilies02, redspiderlilies12, northernlights14, +2 gold(s)
Zoologygiraffes09, silver05, +1 gold(s)
Botanydandelions14, forests03, +2 gold(s)
Petrologysucculents14, dandelions03, lightning03, +2 gold(s)
Event Achievementsec-prejoin, ec-august2020, ec-summer2020, ec-25decks, ec-50decks
Freebies #1 (2020-08-01)cherryblossoms01, axolotls01, redspiderlilies01, redspiderlilies03, cherryblossoms02, redspiderlilies04, northernlights01, northernlights02, jellyfish01, axolotls02, northernlights03, northernlights05

Trade Log


Traded Caitlinmy butterflies01, butterflies09, butterflies11, butterflies15, earth05, earth18, forests10, emeralds06, emeralds09, emeralds12, emeralds20, northernlights12, northernlights16, pumpkins04, pumpkins07, redfoxes15, redfoxes16, redfoxes19, silver05, silver07, silver10, silver14, silver17, koalas13, mc-Joeyforamethysts17, bamboo05, cinnabarmoths11, corals17, ferrets08, harvestmice18, harvestmice13, jellyfish20, jellyfish04, lilyofthevalley09, lunamoths14, milkyway09, nebulae11, oceans02, oceans13, orangeclownfish11, orangeclownfish01, rosymaplemoths09, tigers19, virginiatigermoths15, virginiatigermoths01, whitejapaneseraccoondogs16, whitejapaneseraccoondogs18, whitejapaneseraccoondogs20, mc-Caitlin (+25)


Traded samanthamy rosequartz15, cherryblossoms06, cherryblossoms09, mc-Joeyforbamboo04, redfoxes03, venusflytraps18, mc-samantha (+4)
Traded Emeliemy bettafish06, mc-Joeyforkoalas04, mc-Emelie (+2)


Traded Miomy pears18, wasps05forlapislazuli16, lapislazuli20 (+2)


Traded Mystimy cherryblossoms10, cherryblossoms20, clouds08, nicobarpigeons06, nicobarpigeons12, nicobarpigeons15forvenusflytraps13, venusflytraps15, succulents09, tigers16, orangeclownfish13, orangeclownfish19 (+6)


Traded Lexmy sky15, mc-Joeyforlightning08, mc-Lex (+2)


Traded Mystimy gold19, deadsea11, deadsea16forlightning06, lightning18, lightning19 (+3)
Traded Miomy begonias14, clovers07, edelweiss10forgoldfish13, goldfish15, goldfish17 (+3)


Traded Miomy peonies11, saturn08, sky03, sky18, snow08, whitetigers08forcinnabarmoths05, deserts05, deserts06, deserts14, fog06, fog14 (+6)


Traded suzamy spring13, forests13, lightning05, clovers10, deadsea20, lava03, mountains11, mountains16, prejoin15fordeserts07, deserts15, deserts19, fog08, koalas13, lavender08, lavender16, leafcutterbees02, mainecoons17 (+9)


Traded Mystimy venus04, venus07forpeonies05, peonies19 (+2)


Traded Junmy virginiatigermoths20forhermitcrabs13 (+1)


Traded Akimy northernlights13, grasses09, sky02, sky19, snow04, snow15, lava01, lava08, lava09, lava12, lava18, lava19forarcticfoxes08, blackcats07, clouds14, clouds16, koi13, lapislazuli18, leafcutterbees09, lunamoths05, lunamoths13, fennecfoxes04, redfoxes09, bettafish16 (+12)
Traded sayamy horses10, figs11, lapislazuli04forbismuth13, bismuth16, bismuth19 (+3)
-----------------------------------------25 trades-----------------------------------------


Traded Nicoliemy clovers10, redspiderlilies07forhermitcrabs12, hermitcrabs16 (+2)
Traded Mystimy geysers07, mc-Joeyforbettafish18, mc-Mysti (+2)


Traded Kayorimy dunes03forhermitcrabs20 (+1)
Traded Gemmy cherryblossoms05, fog13, jellyfish11, deadsea06, deadsea14, mc-Joeyforhermitcrabs10, hermitcrabs15, hermitcrabs17, hermitcrabs19, mc-Gem, bettafish08 (+6)


Traded Miomy whalesharks04, redspiderlilies15, goldfish01foramethyst15, bettafish10, bettafish12 (+3)


Traded Akimy mountains11, mountains16, dandelions07, orchidmantis12forarcticfoxes07, jellyfish13, lapislazuli07, lapislazuli08 (+4)


Traded suzamy emeralds04, emeralds09, emeralds15, emeralds16, gold05, rainbow14, mc-Joeyforautumn14, fennecfoxes11, fennecfoxes18, koi07, koi14, mainecoons08, mc-Suza (+7)
-----------------------------------------25 trades-----------------------------------------


Traded Akimy bismuth19, mc-Joeyforwhalesharks02, mc-Aki (+2)


Traded Kayorimy glaciers05forwhalesharks17 (+1)
Traded Linamy jellyfish09, mc-Joeyforwhalesharks01, mc-Lina (+2)
Traded sayamy saturn13, saturn19, croatia09, mc-Joeyforarcticfoxes05, bettafish20, fennecfoxes07, mc-saya (+4)


Traded Meganmy fossils01forglaciers10 (+1)
Traded aprilmy begonias07, butterflies01, dunes18, mc-Joeyforgoldfish02, goldfish18, lightning14, mc-april (+4)


Traded Junmy rosymaplemoths02, mc-Joeyfordunes17, mc-Jun (+2)
Traded Ramonamy begonias20, clouds05, mc-Joeyfordunes13, venusflytraps03, mc-Ramona (+3)


Traded Miomy dandelions07, dandelions17, dandelions20, rainbow14fordunes16, arcticfoxes18, barnowls19, bettafish07 (+4)
Traded Etsmy clouds09, rosymaplemoths01forredpandas05, prejoin07 (+2)
-----------------------------------------25 trades-----------------------------------------


Traded Kayorimy venus20forglaciers15 (+1)


Traded Bunmy giraffes08, fossils02, horses02, mc-Joeyforglaciers04, glaciers08, lapislazuli13, mc-Bun (+4)


Traded Nicoliemy forests03, forests16, mc-Joeyforjellyfish18, axolotls20, mc-Nicolie (+3)


Traded Etsmy dandelions03, dandelions14, dandelions15, mc-Joeyfordunes02, dunes07, lavender01, mc-Ets (+4)


Traded Meganmy rubybonnets05, pumpkins06, mc-Joeyforaxolotls18, northernlights18, mc-Megan (+3)
Traded Kayorimy emeralds14, venus01, venus08, venus09, mc-Joeyforbarnowls16, northernlights11, northernlights19, redspiderlilies06, mc-Kayori (+5)


Traded Kupomy giraffes09, stars02, mc-Joeyforjellyfish03, jellyfish09, mc-Kupo (+3)
Traded Hotarumy fog05, mc-Joeyfornorthernlights16, mc-Hotaru (+2)